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Somehow we survived the racial turmoil of 2020 and honestly, I’m tired of “white allies.” I’m tired of the “I’m listening” as they grab the microphone and somehow make the problems experienced by the Black community about them. I’m talking about the ones that have to assert that they’re an ally in every conversation as if it makes their ignorant comments less hurtful. These are the ones who posted a black square on social media and never said anything else. The ones who said “Black Lives Matter” on their social media profiles and then never did anything else because “it’s…

Or, how they once again pledged to eliminate racism

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In the year of “post-racial” society 2021, the NFL has officially pledged to halt their usage of “race-norming.” Essentially, the tactic assumed that Black players started with a lower cognitive function than white and other non-Black players. Are we supposed to congratulate them? On June 5, 2020, Goodell passionately declared that the NFL “condemn racism and the systematic oppression of Black people.” At the time, he admitted that the NFL was incorrect for not listening to their Black players when they spoke out against racial injustice. …

Or, When Ill-Fitting Media Interviews Trump Supporters about George Floyd and Race

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A year later, media outlets have decided to circulate their performative activism with discussions surrounding the public spectacle that was George Floyd’s viral lynching. An unfortunate situation, it became so viral that comedian Dave Chappelle created a special titled “8:46” and United States politicians once again voted against the passage of an Anti-lynching bill as of 2021. Yet, the performances must continue. With the insensitive decision to rouse empathy towards Trump supporters, the New York Times highlighted conservative viewpoints from a recent focus group. This begs the question, focus group aside, what was the genuine purpose behind this opinion piece…

The conversations had been illuminating. I could say intellectually stimulating. Illumination is the best way to describe my interaction with him. Newly back on the dating scene, I decided that intentionality was the way to go. I needed to open myself to a partner that was proactive in his growth as I am with mine. I wanted to engage with a man who wanted to get married and be a father. I wanted to make sure that we were compatible and not settling out of desperation. …

How my body reacted to the Breonna Taylor indictment

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When I woke up throughout the week of the Breonna Taylor indictment, my lower back pains started to intensify. The space between my brows feels perpetually furrowed. I continue to think I’ve relaxed my jaw, but the ghostly clenches and my neck’s stiffness are evidence of unconscious actions that I am committing while I sleep. There needs to be a word that bears more merit than tired and exhausted. …


*All quotes are accounts from African American Vietnam Veterans

Source: Wallace Terry Archives

…people were dealing with drug addiction, PTSD, the military spraying Agent Orange on our troops. We needed support. We needed love.

— Job Mashariki

A few years before Marvin Gaye crooned ”Are things really getting better as the newspaper said?” Vietnam War critic and non-violence activist Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel. Although a gifted orator, it was King’s death that would undermine the fantastical imagery of the Vietnam War’s proclaimed troop integration. For decades, this war is attributed to being the first American War upon which Black and White troops were not formally segregated. …

Discovering Black Hair on a “Need to Know” Basis

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“Is that your hair?” she asked, leaving me to pause as our bus on Western and Washington approached. “Excuse me, ma’am… Is that your hair?” She repeated as my eyes lasered into daggers. I eyed her chipped nail polish and the splotchiness in her skin as I crafted the ideal response.

She doesn’t deserve my hair renaissance.

This woman will never see me again, most likely. She has no bearings to my joys or my woes. She will never understand the disappointment on my prepubescent face when I couldn’t figure out…

Maya Singleton, M.A.

I explore the intersectionality of race and culture from a humanistic lens. Host of The Renegade Professor Podcast.

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