The conversations had been illuminating. I could say intellectually stimulating. Illumination is the best way to describe my interaction with him. Newly back on the dating scene, I decided that intentionality was the way to go. I needed to open myself to a partner that was proactive in his growth as I am with mine. I wanted to engage with a man who wanted to get married and be a father. I wanted to make sure that we were compatible and not settling out of desperation. …

How my body reacted to the Breonna Taylor indictment

Courtesy of Jessica Felicio | Unsplash

When I woke up throughout the week of the Breonna Taylor indictment, my lower back pains started to intensify. The space between my brows feels perpetually furrowed. I continue to think I’ve relaxed my jaw, but the ghostly clenches and my neck’s stiffness are evidence of unconscious actions that I am committing while I sleep. There needs to be a word that bears more merit than tired and exhausted. …


*All quotes are accounts from African American Vietnam Veterans

Source: Wallace Terry Archives

…people were dealing with drug addiction, PTSD, the military spraying Agent Orange on our troops. We needed support. We needed love.

— Job Mashariki

A few years before Marvin Gaye crooned ”Are things really getting better as the newspaper said?” Vietnam War critic and non-violence activist Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel. Although a gifted orator, it was King’s death that would undermine the fantastical imagery of the Vietnam War’s proclaimed troop integration. For decades, this war is attributed to being the first American War upon which Black and White troops were not formally segregated. …

Discovering Black Hair on a “Need to Know” Basis

Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

“Is that your hair?” she asked, leaving me to pause as our bus on Western and Washington approached. “Excuse me, ma’am… Is that your hair?” She repeated as my eyes lasered into daggers. I eyed her chipped nail polish and the splotchiness in her skin as I crafted the ideal response.

She doesn’t deserve my hair renaissance.

This woman will never see me again, most likely. She has no bearings to my joys or my woes. She will never understand the disappointment on my prepubescent face when I couldn’t figure out…

The common misconception about “Strong” Black Women when they experience pain

Image Courtesy of Unsplash

After waiting in the expanse of the lobby for an hour at UCLA Medical, my mother and I were finally called to meet with a doctor. We fought heavy eyelids, awaiting the moment when they could rest their baggage from a long day. My mother had been experiencing detrimental symptoms that forced her to work remotely on the days when she physically could not make it to her office. With a worker’s compensation claim on the line, we had no other option than to make the late-night trek to…

Stop the disillusionment and use your Constitutional Right

Courtesy of Unsplash

In light of the memorial of Civil Rights Activist John Lewis, it befittingly serves that Trump should challenge the sacred institution of American voting. While this revolution, this third civil rights movement is being televised, it would appear that oppositional public outcry of the divisive tactics of liberals and antiracists only breeds more division. But, we must acknowledge that America is in its origins and practices divisive.

It is our voice that is different and revolutionary.

The existence of differences is part of what innately unites us. While we champion our freedom…

Women of African Descent have faced too much scrutiny when expressing healthy sexuality.

Image Sourced from Billboard

Despite my not being a fan of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s music, I will stand behind their ability to engage in their sexuality and their freedom to express themselves creatively. Last week, the music video for “WAP” was released to some questionable resistance.

We can entertain the ideologies surrounding sexuality, femininity, and vulgarity all that we wish, but until we unpack the layers surrounding Black women, we’re never going to get to true understanding. Historically, sexuality and Black women have been public domain. Not only…

Why the elimination of Disney’s antiquated racist views can be more damaging than helpful.

Image sourced from Indiewire

Recent cultural events have inspired many to call for the redesign of Disneyland’s Splash Mountain. While the ride is based on the 1946 Disney film Song of the South, mind you, a film which has never been reproduced in later Disney media for home viewership and ownership, I’m not in total agreement of the reasoning behind the ride’s design change. …

At some point, is it possible to move on from America’s brutal past?

Image sourced from Boone Hall Plantation

The hanging branches of oak trees with Spanish moss shade the pathway. Lush greenery and rich browns encase any viewer in an ethereal taste of the antebellum South. Towards the end, as if witnessing the fading tunnel light of a lived life, weathered red brick and glistening white columns beckon. A regal history that is rich in American hospitality and the shadowed ghost of slavery encompasses the Colonial Revival architecture of Boone Hall Plantation.

At least 85 African Americans were enslaved on this land that once boasted…

*I do not claim ownership over the images used in this piece.

With the bold decision to make Hamilton accessible to Disney+ subscribers, there comes the question about the minimal attention being paid to American slavery. While I understand that it’s controversial for the Founding Fathers to champion for independence and the freedoms that come with it while still partaking in slave ownership, I am perfectly okay with Hamilton not focusing heavily on this subject.

What this musical does is present not only a tale about an immigrant that is an American Founding Father, but it humanizes the Founding Fathers…

Maya Singleton, M.A.

I explore the intersectionality of race and culture from a humanistic lens. Host of The Renegade Professor Podcast.

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