Intimacy in a Colorblind Era: An Autoethnography

…at some point, race becomes an emotional discussion.

Where’s the room to have such conversations and receive not sympathy, but true empathy?

Morals were reevaluated and the admittance of fault was expressed.

…the increasing disparities between racial injustices and opposition exemplifies the strength of Colorblindness.

It’s almost silly to continue to be of the mindset that the attainment of wealth is equally attainable for both White Americans and African Americans.

He is a product of his education in the same way that I was of a semi-similar mindset.

I was being reminded of my blackness in the way that my partner would not experience…

How is one supposed to reassess their life when engaging in a deep dive through the systemic sewage that has and continues to shape America?

To argue the existence of race is to continue the silencing of African American voices.

He assured me that it will all be fine with his new interest… “she doesn’t see color.”

I explore the intersectionality of race and culture from a humanistic lens. Host of The Renegade Professor Podcast.

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